The Head Office is situated in Söderhamn where management sits next to the R&D, marketing, production and spare parts departments. Technical support and technical training departments also resides here. Thanks to the complete enterprise being under the same roof, the Company is characterized by a slim organization and quick decisions.

- 12,730 m² factory floor
- 1,080 m² office space
- 100 employees and consultants
- Products: Six harvester models and four forwarder models

With great experience of the Forestry business and quality awareness, Eco Log is a flexible manufacturer of Forestry Machines that offer world class products.

Markets and sales

Our most important markets are Sweden, Germany and France.

Customer Focus

Eco Log works closely to the customer to meet every specific need. If the customer needs special equipment, our flexibility is our strength. We can customize every machine without needing involvement of other companies.
We visit our customers in the field to continuously gather their opinions and special requirements – with Eco Log the customer always gets the best support.


Eco Log Harvesters and Forwarders has built-in serviceability. Easy to access and integrated inspection- and service points, allows for quick and easy service. Essential components are built as modules, which makes them easy to replace without having an effect on or needing to dismount other components.
The service friendliness of Eco Log machinery results in less downtime and by that a higher utilization and productivity.


Eco Log is the result of an acquisition of Caterpillar's cut-to-length product line, in February 2004.